Color Gradient Lines: Speed Bump

I was all set to start using Leaflet Hotline when I hit a speed bump. It does not appear to work with Leaflet 0.7.7. Unfortunately, some other plugins on my site do not work with Leaflet 1.0 Beta 2.

This is where having a demo “site” with an MVC framework, as opposed to simple standalone demo pages or in JSFiddle with straight HTML/javascript, becomes a problem. I’ve brought Leaflet and all of my plugins up to the latest versions, but I cannot run Leaflet 1.0 Beta 2 without causing problems for Leaflet PruneCluster and my Google/Bing plugins.

I’ll have to either, a) figure out whether RequireJS will allow me to essential overwrite “L” with a different version of Leaflet for Demo 10, or b) build a standalone page for Demo 10.



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