I’m a full-stack developer at Mobile Capital Group. Our product includes a mobile application built with Angular 2 and packaged with Adobe PhoneGap. The backend architecture is microservices built with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. We orchestrate the microservice Docker containers with Marathon and DC/OS.

I decommissioned the companion site that hosted the examples for my older geospatial posts, so none of those links work any longer.

Opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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  1. Steve, I enjoyed your Setting up DC/OS on Google Cloud Platform post. Are you open to discussing the bake off and possibly answer a few quick questions related to your experiences using DC/OS?

    • Good question. I will write a follow-up post soon. We didn’t go with AWS because it charges by the hour, so if we ever auto-scale our agent nodes that could be expensive. Google Compute Engine charges by the minute, so that is what we chose. Azure was easy to spin up, but the DC/OS version in its Marketplace was an older version of DC/OS than we wanted. We did decide to deploy Nexus to Azure, though. We are a partner and have a $150 credit, so running it there saves us a little money on GCP.

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