Web Hosting with Amazon S3 and Route 53

S3 logoDemo 6 went on the back burner while I re-hosted my site with S3, Route 53, and CloudFront. I found that adding 99,000 GeoJSON files into a child folder of an Intellij project is problematic. Indexing all those folders and files caused Intellij to become unresponsive, so I wanted to move my content elsewhere.

I decided to move my data files to Amazon S3 into a bucket named data.exploringspatial.com. That worked great. Publishing that many files to S3 was time-consuming, but since they don’t change often I decided that was okay. I updated all the website URLs and I was off to the races.

Next, since my website is static, I decided to move it from Amazon EC2 on to S3 too. Moving the site to S3 frees up my EC2 instance for hosting other interesting software, like ElasticSearch. There is no sense paying for more than one EC2 instance for a demo site.

The process was pretty painless. First, I created buckets for my data and my websites:

Next, I created a hosted zone using Route 53, mapping my URLs to my buckets.


I transferred my domain names from GoDaddy and Networks Solutions to Amazon Route 53.


Finally, I switched my CDN from CloudFlare to AWS CloudFront.


That’s all it took. You’ll find plenty of instructions the Amazon AWS website.

Now… back to my demos.