Installing a SSD for Faster GIS


Running ESRI software is inevitable as I dive deeper into Geographic Information Systems. If I decide to get a Masters in GIS from the Penn State World Campus, then running ESRI ArcGIS is mandatory. That is a problem because my house is “Windows-free” and all ESRI software is Windows-only.

I did some searching and found that running ArcGIS on a Windows VM is not uncommon. The only gotcha I discovered is that you must turn off 3-D acceleration. I also learned that if I hold out long enough it’s rumored that a Mac version of ArcGIS may be coming.

To get the best possible performance with my existing computer I replaced my boot drive with a Samsung model 840 120 GB SSD for $99.99. Even though my computer is a bit long in the tooth, it should be able to run a Windows VM reasonably well, especially now that it has the SSD.

With the SSD Ubuntu boots incredibly fast! I shouldn’t have to replace my hardware for the foreseeable future, even when I do start running ArcGIS on a Windows VM.

Today was a good geek day.


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