GIS Degree or Self Study?

Today I presented a slide deck to HR on why a Masters in GIST is a smart decision. It sounds likely that I can get funding, but should I do it?

First of all, reimbursement is capped $250 per credit hour below the rate of the program I’m considering, and you must get an A to be reimbursed. The money obstacle might be overcome if I apply to several programs. Surely I can find a package to get an effective rate near what my employer will pay? The grades should not be a problem either.

I’m worried most about time and quality of life. I got my MBA from University of Denver in my late twenties going to school in the evenings, so I know how much work it can be. That was along time ago. Now I’m 53 and have 14 and 16 year old daughters at home. Do I really want to spend their last few years at home working on another masters degree? It feels a little selfish. I should be looking for colleges for them, not me.

I’m really excited about the spatial stuff I’ve been doing at work, and I’ve enjoyed learning about GIS on my own, so I know that I would enjoy my classes. Still, it’s a tough decision.



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