IE Test Drive is a Win for Microsoft

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 7.59.31 AM

I am not one to praise Microsoft. Perhaps it’s because in 1990 an older co-worker took me aside and emphatically advised me to buy as much Microsoft stock as I could afford. I did not listen… not that I had the cash anyway, but I digress.

This month Microsoft launched its IE Test Drive and Modern.IE campaign. Somebody at HQ caught on to the fact that there are a lot of us developers in the world using Linux or Macs and the least favorite part of our jobs is testing IE.

Here is what my workspace looks like when I’m testing multiple browsers. That’s Ubuntu, OS X, and XP running on VMWare Fusion to test IE.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 8.12.48 AM

For me, the worst part is the slow performance of my XP image on VMWare Fusion. I don’t even try to run Windows 7 because it takes forever to start-up.

That was then. Today, instead of running Windows on the Mac, I’m running the new Windows 7 appliance that I downloaded for free from I run it on Ubuntu under Oracle VitualBox. It starts fast and lets me get right to my testing.

VirtualBox with four Windows Appliances Imported

VirtualBox with four Windows Appliances Imported

Nice move Microsoft!


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