Diving Deeper into Oracle Spatial and Graph

Recently I attended the 2013 Location Intelligence and Oracle Spatial and Graph Users Conference in Washington, D.C. Compared with the Google I/O, JavaOne and LotusSphere conferences that I have attended in the past this was tiny, a couple of hundred attendees instead of thousands. It was similar in size to a WebSphere Portal conference I attended in Baltimore. The small size affords greater access to experts and fosters an openness in the sessions not found at mega-conferences. It’s a much better experience, in my opinion.

I’ve been working with Oracle Spatial at Garmin, where I work as a software engineer on the Garmin Connect website. Garmin Connect is part of the Fitness division and is a repository for GPS data uploaded from the users’ fitness devices for running, cycling, and swimming. Below is an example of a Connect page used to plan routes. In this example, I was planning a run during my stay in Washington, D.C. I used the heat map overlay to find a route frequented by other runners. This is helpful when you are running or biking in an unfamiliar area. This is just one example of how Connect presents geospatial information to our users.

Course Creator with heat maps turned on.

Course Creator with heat maps turned on.

The Location Intelligence and Oracle Spatial and Graph Users Conference showed me how many more features exist in Oracle Spatial and Graph that we are not taking advantage of today. I came home determined to expand my knowledge of Oracle Spatial and Graph and to find new ways to leverage this exciting technology at Garmin.

This blog is my personal journal to look back upon to help me remember what I’ve learned along the way. Perhaps it will prove helpful to others on a similar path.


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